Labour relations and labour law continue to be an interesting area to be involved in in South Africa.  The benefit of this for SASLAW is that there are always new and interesting topics to arrange seminars and conferences around the country.  The 2019 Conference, which is being hosted by the Durban Chapter this year, is shaping up to be a very interesting conference indeed.  We look forward to seeing you there. 


Parliamentary Debate on the Budget

“I had the privilege on behalf of SASLAW’s National Committee to attend, as a guest, the 2019 Budget Vote Debate for the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development (DOJCD). This took place on 11 July 2019 in Parliament, Cape Town. The debate was robust as can be expected of a parliamentary session. However, I can safely say that all political parties that presented on the day principally agreed on the proposed motion. On behalf of SASLAW, I look forward to seeing the new budget’s improved impact on the DOJCD. Especially towards an ever increasing need in the access and administration of justice across South Africa. On behalf of SASLAW, I would also like to express thanks to the Office of the Chief Justice for having invited SASLAW to attend a rather important and special event. This, in my view, also serves to demonstrate SASLAW’s recognised standing as a national organisation not only for the advancement of labour law, but for its role in law as a whole (in attending a significant event).”  Venolan Naidoo, BCHC Attorneys, Cape Town

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