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After 20 years, SASLAW is even more relevant than the day it was established.  The increasing membership of SASLAW is proof of the quality of its service delivery.  The number of seminars presented every year and the ever increasing number of seminar delegates clearly indicates the relevance and importance of the issues covered by SASLAW.

SASLAW can truly be proud of the pro bono work that it has done – since February 2011, an impressive 15 406 pro bono clients had the benefit of the excellent professional services rendered through the structures of SASLAW.

The number of attorneys assisting in SASLAW offices is also steadily on the increase and reflects the desire of the professional labour law community to be involved in all aspects of SASLAW.

The SOUTH AFRICAN LABOUR LAW REPORTS is extremely proud and honoured to, once again, be a SASLAW partner and, more specifically, in 2017, the twentieth anniversary of SASLAW.

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