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ISLSSL Report 2019 – Bathandwa Xhallie Young Scholar

The 6th International Seminar on International and Comparative Labour Law took place in Venice on 27-31 May 2019. The Seminar dealt with the theme “The Future of Work: Labour Law and Labour Market Regulation in the Digital Era” at Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy.

Summary of Seminar

The challenges to labour law posed by the digital economy.

The seminar was divided into 2 sessions everyday the first session would be a presentation and discussion by different guests that included Janice Bellace, Manfred Weiss. The second part Young scholars were divided into 3 groups for the entire seminar and were each given a topic to discuss and present. There would then be constructive feedback and dialogue from the panellists of the day.

On 31 May the entire session was dedicated to presentation by Young Scholars to present briefly on their papers related to the theme of the Seminar.
I was also fortunate to present my paper on: “The future of work, the affect on women and Africa: A comparative” The papers will be published in September 2019.
Lastly, the young scholars who were present at seminar created social media platforms on Instagram and Twitter whereby all young scholars can connect and interact with each other. I was nominated to be the Young Scholars South African representative among the South African delegates who were in attendance. This is for the purpose to have a person to liaison with regarding any future events or collaborations for papers, etc.

Concluding Remarks

In terms of local support to participants that want to attend the seminar, I think that the national organisation needs to provide more support financially to those who have an interest in attending. The International organisation does provide for accommodation and meals for the duration of the seminar. Perhaps contributing to the flights whether in whole or in part would be ideal.

Furthermore, the Young Scholars committee in South Africa needs to play a more active role in not only recruiting scholars but also organising events of their own and furthermore having a slot in the national conference that is held each year. Opportunities to publish papers that scholars have written with partner publishers of SASLAW and furthermore, mentorship from members of the organisation that have experience. Providing better platforms to interact with each other.

The experience was amazing and life changing. I am grateful for all the support that Clare provided leading up to me going to Italy.