saslaw young scholars society logo

If you are interested in joining SASLAW as a student member, please fill in the membership form on the chapter pages. The cost is R200 excl VAT for students, with a valid student card.

The SASLAW Young Scholars Society welcomes members under the age of 35 to be part of this young and vibrant community.

There is NO extra membership fee to join this Society. Events and Forums have been created especially for this category of membership


This document sets out to formalise the Young Scholars Society (YSS) of SASLAW. It has been agreed by the current committee that this name is to be used.  This is a more inclusive name to include members from the Bar associations, HR practitioners, public sector representatives and academics who are interested in the study and practice of labour law as a discipline.  There is an alignment with the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law (ISLSSL) who refer to the Young Scholars Society.   


In keeping with the existing SASLAW logo comprising the four 'people', the committee wanted to ensure cohesion between this logo and the new Young Scholars Society logo by using the four people as a common element. They also wanted to convey the enthusiasm, energy and positivity of the youth by adding some movement to the logo. By keeping the basic shapes, but making them more fluid and organic and not so geometric, as well as changing the grouping to something less formal, the logo becomes more dynamic and representative of the Young Scholars.  Finally, by incorporating the colours of both the SASLAW and ISLSSL logos, the logos are able to work in harmony with each other.


The committee proposes that any person under the age of 35 may be eligible to be part of the YSS. The target market will include final year and master's degree students (in labour law and human resources management), candidate attorneys in employment law divisions, junior advocates and young members working in public sector and corporate fields.